The 4th International Rhythmic Gymnastics Tournament “Aphrodite Cup” has been the most successful one in this series of events, according to the delegations that gathered in the Faliro Olympic Indoor Hall from 16 to 18 March.

According to Eleni Michopoulou, President of the Organizing Committee, as well as the organizing club “G.O.P.F. Armonia”: “We received positive feedback and congratulations from all the delegations, a fact which fills us with joy and a great sense of responsibility. Everyone said this year’s event was equivalent -from the organizational point of view- to a world cup and all delegations promised to come back next year. Aphrodite Cup has become an established event in the minds of the global Rhythmic Gymnastics community and our goal is for it to be even better every year”.

“We are grateful to all those whose support made the event possible: our institutional supporters, Dionysis Chatzidakis, Mayor of Palaio Faliro, Rena Dourou, Head of the Attica Prefecture and Thanasis Vasiliadis, President of the Hellenic Gymnastics Federation, our sponsors, “Ergastiri Kapola”, “Kanakis Family”, “Malliaras Schools”, “Medical Center of Palaio Faliro”, all our financial supporters, as well as our amazing volunteers and the event staff. A special thanks is due to Tzeni Papadopoulou, who has proven to be an invaluable competition manager and made a huge difference to the event’s success, with the help and cooperation of Olympic winner Eleni Chronopoulou”.

“Our focus now turns to ‘Aphrodite Cup 2019’; our main goal is to upgrade the event, with the help of our institutional and financial supporters, so that we bring even more people close to Rhythmic Gymnastics, while at the same time enabling Greek gymnasts to compete in a high-level international event here in Greece.”

The 4th “Aphrodite Cup” hosted a total number of 239 gymnasts, together with approximately 250 coaches and team members from 21 countries; all participants stayed in local hotels in Palaio Faliro and the Athens Riviera, making a considerable contribution to the local economy, in an amount of more than 80,000 euro.

At the same time, the event sent a strong message for environmental and social issues, through initiatives like the one entitled “Let them walk again”, which was organized in collaboration with the Institute “Team for the World”. Dozens of used sports shoes were donated during the event, which shall be forwarded to people in need through social structures of local municipal authorities.

Additionally, a thorough packaging and paper recycling program was implemented in the Indoor Hall, as a result of which more than 100 kg of recyclable materials (plastic bottles, paper, cardboard, etc.) were collected. Gymnasts and officials from three continents (Europe, Asia, America) participated in a symbolic olive tree planting ceremony at the grounds of the Palaio Faliro Indoor Hall “Sofia Befon”.

According to George Kazantzopoulos, Vice-President of the organizing club “G.O.P.F. Armonia” and President of the “Institute Team for the World – Environmental Alliance 2004+”: “Aphrodite Cup is the only rhythmic gymnastics tournament of this level that has been included in level B’ of the “Green Sports League” accreditation system, having endorsed an integrated environmental agenda and supporting the United Nations Goals for sustainability. Raising environmental awareness is within our priorities and we are glad to see a greater response from participating delegations each year”.

The “Aphrodite Cup 2018” International Rhythmic Gymnastics Tournament was organized in collaboration between the Faliro Gymnastics Club ARMONIA, the Hellenic Gymnastics Federation and the Municipality of Palaio Faliro, with the institutional support of the Regional Development Fund of Attica, under the auspices of the Ministry of Tourism, the General Secretariat for Sports, the Prefecture of Attica and the General Secretariat for Gender Equality.